The first time I presented research outside of the classroom was at the Student Research and Creative Arts Day at SUNY Oneonta. Shortly after that, I presented at the Women and Gender Studies Symposium at SUNY Oneonta. This picture is from my first presentation. The opportunities for growth at SUNY Oneonta were endless, every professor was willing to share and support any academic interests. Their support pushed me to develop my own independent project where I used Twitter as my data source to study how women’s health was discussed on the platform. I was able to use SPSS Modeler’s text analytics to analyze findings. Not only did this project push me to love Twitter more but it made me want to become a better researcher. Since then I try to collect data on everything, I used SPSS with datasets I found online, just for fun. I studied abroad and decided to use that experience to practice my ethnography skills. I look for reasons and ways to do research everywhere. It’s not surprising that I chose to focus on another research method for my master’s thesis, qualitative interviewing.

I dove right in, with the help of another amazing professor, and started practicing my interviewing skills and my coding skills. This project is interviewing students at CU Denver about their perceptions of sexual consent. I’m currently in semester two (the last semester) of my thesis work and I’m excited to get to present my findings to my committee and at the PSA conference.


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