Blog Data

I’ve used both WordPress and Blogger to write blogs to stay in touch with friends and family. Keep them up to date on what I’m doing. I used a blogger blog while I studied abroad in Cape Coast. Since, the trip was the semester after I took a class on ethnography I decided that I would practice my ethnography skills and I took notes about every interaction and observation I had for five months. I took those observations from my jotting notebook and wrote them up in coherent blog posts meant to keep my family up to date on everything. I attempted to blog about my experiences as I planned and wrote my thesis but the actual thesis project turned out to take up enough time as it was. I ended up making it a private site where I saved any articles I read on sexual assault or consent. I would save the link and write a paragraph or two about how that article was related to my goals. I used the tagging and categories to help me look back later as I was writing sections of my thesis.

Blogs haven’t informed my research as heavily as other social media platforms but there are definitely academic uses, such as practicing ethnography or organizing data in one searchable space (that can look more attractive than a word document). I’m hoping this blog space helps me find many more uses for blogs in research. 


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