That’s New: Vialogues!

I am currently trying out Vialogues. Which is a website that allows multiple users to comment on videos as they’re playing. The first one I checked out was of the scene in Spider-man where he’s fighting Doc Oc on the train. The video was posted by someone who I’m assuming is into film because they commented along the video the positive and negative aspects of the scenes as they happened. There’s a time stamp that can be put into the comments that really made it easy for me to follow the comments and know exactly where in the clip the comments referenced.

The purpose is to have conversations online that focus on the content of the videos shared. The conversations can take any shape that the moderator (the person who posts the video) wants.

I found a few Vialogue videos that were posted to start philosophical talks, one that was addressing the use of cartoon foods in discussions about respecting people who are different from you in high school. Throughout this video the moderator posed questions about how successful different topics were discussed. The only down side was there didn’t seem to be much of an audience on this particular post giving feedback, but if this were done for a course assignment there would be plenty to be said.

Ofcourse people can just comment on youtube videos directly on youtube but this definitely can direct those comments to what the content creator is looking for or focus the conversations surrounding the videos for a specific group.

I would love to use this with recordings of my interviews to get feedback on what I can do to strengthen and further the conversations I have. As of right now I don’t have COMIRB permission to do that but(!) in the future it would be great to try. I might ask a friend or two to record practice interview videos about my topic to get feedback on my general demeanor and my phrasing of questions. Having my own content will make this tool very useful. I can record my presentations and ask for feedback or answer questions from people who aren’t at events where I am presenting. I’m still exploring at this point but I thought I would share what my experience has been thus far. Right now I’m looking into using Vialogues to comment on videos created that teach qualitative methods. I’ve already made a few comments on theTea Consent video that our school is now showing at freshman orientation.

This is what Vialogues looks like when you’re making a comment on a video. This is the video I actually made comments on.
For my practice round of Vialogues I commented about how this video related to things interview participants said to me and my feelings about the video.

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