Sharing on Consent.

Through my research and my exposure to social media on the topic, I’ve found that there are not many resources to help teachers/parents/other teach on sexual consent, sexual harassment and sexual assault. There are many articles about the topics but in those articles is not resources on the “how do we teach it”.

I think our conversations and curriculum around sexual consent  are limited because talking about sex is usually uncomfortable or viewed as unnecessary in one field and push on to be the responsibility of another. I want to develop a helpful curriculum with the help of people looking for answers and those who have found successful content for their audiences.

I have begun building a community where material, articles, programming and events can be shared and discussed. I would love to get feedback and assistance so that I can start making progress on a curriculum outline.


Here’s the link, what-a-ya think?

What is Consent?

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that there are resources online but there are many that call for the hiring of an outside professional to teach consent or paying to gain access. I feel like consent would be best understood when being taught by the teacher/professor who is always available for questions and who students feel comfortable with. Calling on outside resources can often take a lot of effort every time you want to teach the lesson so having easy access resources for yourself and on hand when you need can be an amazing benefit in a teachers everyday life.


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