Social Media Stops Stigma.


“Social Media is a scary thing. We’ve allowed out innermost thoughts and feelings to bleed out like we all have Turrets syndrome. The universality of it is wonderful, but also causes more stressed from around the world. It destroys relationships, and creates triggers. Worst of all, we’re all addicted to it.”


Yes, social media is a scary thing full of our ideas and some thoughts that are deeper than those we would share with co-workers or classmates. With the topic I’m studying, sexual assault and consent, there is often a stigma around talking about the issue, and fear of others reactions when sharing a story involving sexual assault. For those who have had a negative experience, social media has created spaces of support where you can post your “innermost thoughts and feelings to bleed out”. Getting support and knowing that you are believed and not alone is difficult and some people chose to never bring it up to those in their lives. I believe the stigma surrounding victims/survivors of sexual assault is fading (slowly) because of the openness online and the safety net of being able to share your feeling and promote change.


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