RaCAS 2017

Ah, The Research and Creative Arts Symposium (RaCAS) at CU  Denver, my last presentation as a master’s student. I also was the moderator for the session which was fun and definitely helped me relax and talk out all my nervousness before actually needing to talk about my research. The session was made up of four undergraduate students and four graduate students (3 masters, 1 phd). Listening to the undergraduate students talk about their projects on social change and activism in different communities was exciting. They were all recipients of a research scholarship in which they went into the community to help but also study the ways in which help and change are needed in the communities within our broad Denver community. Getting students involved in community and social change while they’re in school is something that I think all schools should work on, getting a degree is important and if you can use your degree to help bring change to communities in whys that they need is the most important. Very encouraging work.

I presented after a criminal justice master’s student who conducted her research on what the administration and students who have used our schools sexual assault reporting processes thought about those resources. We both only presented on one chunk of our research on Title IX and our university. I was excited about the undergraduate projects but I was really excited to listen to what she had to say. We approached the issue from different sides, I looked at what students are exposed to on campus that teaches them about the programs and policies available on our campus that focus on Title IX, sexual assault and consent. She looked at how those polices and resources were experienced by those in charge of creating them and by those who made reports of sexual assault.

I really enjoyed this panel more than the one at PSA. I was excited to talk to the Criminal Justice major once we were done presenting and we talked about our resources and who we’ve talked to about this issue. Another aspect of this presentation that was more enjoyable than the last conference was that I had so many friends come and see me present. Having a support group means everything. I feel like I’m getting better at presenting and I definitely enjoy moderating panels/sessions. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that have been shared with me because of friends, my cohort, my professors and advisors and this campus community in general.

I would love to hear some stories about when other people have presented their research! Positive stories, negative stories, goofy stories, the works!

post here or tweet at me @socisiry


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