I graduated. I finished 3 years of a master’s program while working two jobs most of that time. I would need to schedule my time down to 15 minute increments to make sure I made time for food and had time to get my readings done. It’s been just over a week since graduation happened. My thesis was accepted with the final changes two days later. Now I’m at a point where I’m excited to do everything that I couldn’t do while focused on school, I finished two book, I crocheted three octopuses, a jellyfish, an almost bear, and started a blanket and sweater. I’ve had time to prep and plant my garden and a few indoor plants as well, (I have five sprouts and one jumping spider). I just feel weird all the time; I feel like there’s something important that I’m skipping or missing, like there’s a deadline I’m not preparing for. I write out my to-do list in the morning for what I need to do after work but then I get home and watch TV or read for hours instead of doing anything because the to do list is just to help me feel normal. Watching TV is not giving me the same anxiety it did while I was in school; tv would always make me feel guilty about wasting my writing time. Now tv means that I actually got everything done that needed doing. Free time feels weird but I’ll use it while I’ve got it. I start working full time in late June and I cannot wait to get rolling on new research projects.


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