This is a site about the academic work of me, Bonnie Siry. I’m currently in the final stretch of my master’s program at CU Denver. I took a break from writing my thesis to write this, it’s happening. I’m in the Social Science program. I focus mostly on looking at issues in women and gender studies through philosophical and sociological frameworks. The thesis I just came from writing is on student perceptions of sexual consent, much of my thesis writing is based on interviews where I talk to undergraduate women at my university about their experiences, their thoughts on sexual consent, sexual assault, our campus and sometimes we even talked about Broadway musicals. It’s great to have enjoyable conversations about tough topics that also give me tons of data to work with.

I am also currently a Research Assistant here at CU Denver. I get to do sociological research using both qualitative and quantitative methods. If you’re interested in learning more about this work  contact me, I would love to share.